Friday, 22 July 2011

Canada's uncertain grip on retiring Canadarm

Luc Fournier, a spokesperson for the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa, said: “It's our understanding that the Canadian Space Agency will take custody of the arm and see what state it's in. There is a logic to it coming here” to the museum, ...

That never happened, but I did develop a lifelong fascination withCanadian aviation and Hawk One, a restored 1954 Canadair Sabre acquired by Vintage Wings of Canada. Vintage Wings is a non-profit organization based in Gatineau, Que., dedicated to ...

Tony Gugliotta, senior vice-president of marketing and business development, started with the airport while it was still run by Transport Canada. “Aviation is really vulnerable to the economy,” Gugliotta said. “There's an element of travel that is ...

Ross Robinson, who owns and flies a 1952 Harvard Mark 4 and a Douglas A-26 (also known as a B-26), said he views himself as a custodian of two pieces ofCanadian aviation history. "I became a vintage aircraft lover when I saw (the Harvard) and saw this ...

Visa rewards cardholders visiting Dubai with Emirates Airlines

Visa, one of the world's leading payment solutions providers, has announced a new partnership withEmirates Airline, offering their exciting promotion 'Summer Smiles in Dubai.' As part of the offer, families travelling with up to two children under 12 ...

James Hogan, CEO of EtihadAirways, said: “The new Düsseldorf services will connect the capital of the UAE with the Düsseldorf catchment area – the second largest in Europe outside of London – which also includes the eastern part of the Netherlands. ...
So overall its not looking its hurting the airline. The A380 offers a ?significant cost advantage to airlines, allowing them to price tickets cheaper,? ApparentlyEmirates Airlines have not heard this yet. Emirates flights on the A380 (for the same ...

By Daily News Egypt CAIRO:Emirates airlines announced Tuesday they have lowered fares for Egyptians traveling to Dubai starting July 15, in anticipation of the holy month of Ramadan, which is expected to fall in August this year. ...


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